How We Grow

We are committed to low impact, ecologically sound growing practices. These practices are safe for us as growers, for you as consumers, and for the earth around us. They are also economical. We do not use pesticides or harmful fertilizers on any of our crops. We use trace amounts of a seawater-based foliar fertilizer. We irrigate from a springfed creek.

Our main means of weed control are:

  • hand weeding and hoeing
  • tractor cultivation
  • hay mulch
  • black plastic mulch

Our main means of pest control are:

  • covering crop rows with fabric to create a physical barrier against pests
  • releasing beneficial predators like ladybugs (who eat aphids) and Pediobius (mini-wasps who parasitize Mexican Bean Beetle larvae)
  • and especially squooshin’ ‘em!

We also raise pigs and keep laying hens for eggs. All our animals live on mixed woodland and pasture and are rotated to fresh pasture regularly. They eat a grain and mineral ration, lots of foraged plants and bugs, and seconds produce from the farm. The hog feed is supplemented with probiotics.   For more information on why and how we raise pigs, read this blog post.

You have a right to know where your food comes from and how it was grown. We are committed to complete transparency about our growing practices and are happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us by phone or email, or come see us at the farm!

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